Cornwall Council has been given advice from its own officers over the potential conversion of agricultural barns into homes near Mullion.

The council had submitted a pre planning application over the proposed development of seven ‘residential units’ from the redundant barns at Predannack Manor Farm.

The farm was previously part of a 100-acre agricultural holding owned by the then Cornwall County Council.

Permission has already been given for a new road to be built around the eastern side of the farm, in order to access a new agricultural building that will be built. In its development proposals Cornwall Council has stated: “We believe that the buildings form an integral part of the overall landscape of the area and [are] considered to be of sufficient architectural and historic merit to be worthy of preservation.”

It believed that to convert the barns purely for use by people employed on the farm would be “unviable” due to the high conversion cost, “very limited demand” and limited rental value.

Restricting them to holiday use only was also deemed to be “too unviable” due to the amount of alternative holiday accommodation already available on the Lizard Peninsula and people spending less on holidays.

It added: “This leads us to the conclusion that the only viable alternative for us for the property would be that of residential.”

It said the area would be “improved significantly” by the demolition of the old barns.

The council was currently considering whether affordable housing could be included in the scheme, but “the reality” on the initial costing suggested it would “be unviable”.

Pre-application advice has now been given, although the exact nature of this advice is not known.