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Helston’s mayor has vowed to “actively support” any scheme that looks likely to relieve the problems of flooding in St John’s Road.

Jonathan Radford-Gaby was writing in response to a letter from Paul Phillips, a former town mayor, who had called for an investigation into ways of easing the risk of flooding, in light of events three days before Christmas.

This saw St John’s three feet deep in water when heavy rain caused the River Cober to burst its banks – full details of which can be found at In his letter Mr Phillips said the flooding of homes had “brought misery, discontent and no doubt financial hardship”, adding: “The question I pose is, what is being done to prevent it happening again?”

He added that a major factor in the build up of water was reported to be the access bridge to the Kingdom Hall, where the high water striking the bridge caused “an instant back up” that resulted in flooding of homes upstream.

Mr Phillips said the owner of the bridge needed to be determined, as he believed raising the bridge, even by a foot, would help lessen the impact.

Responding, Mr Radford-Gaby said he had “great sympathy” for the residents of St John’s, adding: “I was personally in the St John’s area for much of the day on December 22, viewing first-hand the issues created by the flooding in the area over that weekend.”

He said in the shorter term the town council was working with the Environment Agency to put in place a flood plan.

In the longer term members were in “active discussions” with a number of agencies concerning the ongoing difficulties in that area of town.

The ownership of the bridge was an issue he would bring to the attention of the Cornwall Councillor for St John’s, as well as for discussion by the town council planning committee.

“In conclusion, whilst I will actively support almost any scheme or proposal that is likely to relieve the effects of flooding on the residents of St John’s, as a former councillor and town mayor yourself, you will be aware that there is a very definite limit as to what I have within my power to achieve, as this is almost entirely a Cornwall Council and Environment Agency issue,” he added.

Related articles: For all the Helston flooding stories click here

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