A PLAIN wall at Falmouth Marine School has been transformed by local artist Cosmic, who has worked with students to create a colourful mural which represents the college from their perspective.

Cosmic attended the college’s freshers’ fair in September to meet students and hear their ideas for the wall. Since then he has been back and worked with the students, some of whom helped paint the mural.

“There were some great ideas, but when someone mentioned that the humpback whale was their favourite, it sparked a whole round of unanimous approval,” said Cosmic. “The same thing happened when someone mentioned Hokusai’s Great Wave Off Kanagawa print, the most famous Japanese image of all time, so those two images were high on the list.

“The students are studying boatbuilding, marine biology, water sports and marine engineering so it was important to ensure that all areas were represented.”

The turtle in the mural is based on the marine school’s caretaker, Peter Mitchell, and the puffer fish on his namesake, Pete Junior, who lives in the tank in the marine biology department.

Marine science student, Chloe Burrin, said: “Pete is the backbone of the college and someone we see every day. He’s always there to help and works hard to keep place clean and tidy.

We wanted him to know how much we appreciate him, so Cosmic suggested we painted him holding up the boat as does at the marine school.”

The students enjoyed getting involved with the project and are delighted with the result. The college’s Students’ Union chairman, Jack O’Byrne, said: “The college really encourages the students to get involved. This project was part of the student voice campaign to find out what the students wanted improved at the marine school.

“As a result we have had an new wet lab, an increase in marine species, re-housing of the marine engineering workshop, complete with an increase in inboard and outboard engines and a facelift to the main reception, classrooms and the courtyard wall.”