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First up is a video of four children who had to be rescued by the lifeboat on Sunday evening after the tide cut them off while they were on the rocks near Swanpool Beach in Falmouth.

See the night time rescue and read more about it by clicking here

All that sea air whipping against your cheeks can leave you with a bit of a ruddy complexion, and there were certainly some red faces at Cornwall Council this week when it was revealed that an administrative blunder saw gypsies, travellers and the Cornish all lumped together under a single heading on an official form.

Cornwall councillor Alex Folkes said: "Some people will suggest it is offensive and they are right.

"Not because being likened to a gypsy or traveller is an insult. It isn't - But because the two backgrounds are so entirely different."

Read: Gypsy/Traveller/Cornish? All the same thing to Cornwall Council, apparently

Falmouth Packet: Crawling apology for council tax form Cornish 'error'

(ABOVE) A quick snap of the offending form taken by an eagle-eyed Packet reader.

Elsewhere in council-themed news we explored the ever-changing council tax base and its effect on the people of Penryn.

See if you can wrap your head around 'the confusing world of council tax' by clicking here

Sticking with Penryn for a moment, the town saw one of its main roads closed for an entire morning last weekend when a 60 foot conifer came crashing down in high winds (pictured at the top of this page).

Read the story from our reporter on the ground: 'Downed tree shuts main Penryn road for over 12 hours'

Plans to build a new "free school" in the Falmouth/Penryn area got Packet readers discussing the rights and wrongs of religious vs. secular schooling.

Have you say on the 'faith-based school planned for Falmouth and Penryn' by clicking here

Falmouth Packet: Fire Engine Falmouth North Parade Tyre Change 3

A tired-looking fire engine on a Falmouth street (ABOVE), which first featured in the pages of the Packet last month, finally got looked at this week and now seems serviceable again.

Read how it was the Packet 'wot won it' with 'Packet push helps fix eyesore engine'

A Culdrose aircraft engineer who lives in Penryn ran all the way to work and back in a charity marathon bid that saw him nearly on the verge of collapse.

Take a read of Graham Ditty's story and see how you can help him reach his charity total

TIME FOR SOME PICTURE NEWS NOW - and at Porthleven School the children were learning some 'Marvellous Magical Maths' with the help of a wizard maths whizz.

Click to see 'Magical maths at Porthleven School'

Falmouth pupils, meanwhile, were putting pen to paper to design some colourful posters for the town's annual Spring Flower Show.

See the winners in 'Falmouth pupils spring into action to design art festival posters'

Last but not least, it was Burns Night this week and over in Porthleven they were donning their kilts in tribute to Scotland's favourite son - while also raising some charity cash for the RNLI.

Read 'Great chieftain o' the pudding race: Burns Night pictures'

Falmouth Packet: June Nance, Carole Elliott, Steve Barber and Graham Barber toast the haggis.

(ABOVE) June Nance, Carole Elliott, Steve Barber and Graham Barber toast the haggis on Burns Night.

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