The skills of an amateur photographer from Porkellis have won her not one but two sought after display places on the walls of Helston's Old Cattle Market.

Veritee Reed-Hall's photographs have been blown up and are now placed onto sound proofing boards around the community hall.

One shows seagulls swooping and diving into the water at Coronation Lake, with the other image is of the iconic institute building and clock tower in Porthleven.

Veritee said: “It was quite an achievement for me, as I'm only an amateur photographer.”

Many of the photographs on display look at the building's history as a working cattle market, as the South Kerrier Alliance (SKA), which coordinated the building project, wanted it to have a “sense of place” in the town.

For this reason SKA's company's director David Turnbull, who was project manager for the build, made sure there was an historical photo trail look into the past.

However, the directors also wanted to show modern photographs of Coronation Park and surrounding places in South Kerrier, which resulted in a photographic competition held in conjunction with the Helston Packet, to choose two new photographs to hang in the hall.

It was originally hoped that by having two age groups - under 18 years and over 18 - that one photograph could be chosen from each category.

However, after the judging process was complete the then centre manager Jeanette O'Connell informed Veritee that as there had been no technically suitable entries received in the under 18 years' class, two of her photographs had been chosen.

These two photographs now hang in the hall, and in spite of the delay SKA would like to publicise this and thank Veritee for her winning entries.

The board of trustees is still on the lookout for one or two more photographs, to fill the final space.

Vice chairman Vicki Matthew said: “We already have an old photograph from the time when the opening ceremony for Coronation Park and Boating Lake was performed on July 20, 1912 by Francis Henry Cunnack, then mayor of Helston.

“However there is still a place to hang one or two photographs from the celebrations of the centenary in 2012. I would like to invite anyone who has photographs of the centenary that they think would look good in the hall to send them to Sarah Vine, business manager, using the email address ”

The success does not stop there for Veritee, however. She also has a photograph on display in the waiting room of Helston Medical Centre, showing a scene from Porthleven.