Planners will recommend giving the green light to a controversial 90-house development in Mabe today (Thursday).

Plans to build 60 open market and 30 affordable homes on land between Treliever Road and the A39 have been labelled “worrying” and “dangerous” by local residents, who lodged almost two dozen letters of complaint with Cornwall Council.

Concerns over increased traffic and the risk of flooding were among the most prominent causes for complaint and Mabe Parish Council have also objected to the proposals.

Despite this, Cornwall Council’s case officer Hollie Nicholls has recommended approval for the application, saying there is “no highway objections on the proposal on the grounds of capacity issues or highway safety” and that the greenfield development would “assist towards meeting the requirement for a five year housing land supply” in the Falmouth and Penryn area.

In her report to the Strategic Planning Committee she adds that the development “can be accommodated within the landscape without visual harm or detriment to its character” and would “form part of the expanding urbanisation of Mabe and Penryn.”

The usefulness of the Grade 3a agricultural land was questionable, Mrs Nicholls claims, because of “the segregation of the holding by the A39.”

She said: “Land classification is not a reason for withholding permission for a sustainable residential development which would derive great benefit to the community.

Adding: “The proposal will not cause any material harm to the historic character or archaeological importance of the area.”

The case officer’s report only forms a recommendation, and the full decision will be made by Cornwall Council.