Ready meal eaters in Cornwall may have been biting off something they didn't want to chew, after some processed beef product were found to contain 100% horsemeat.

Supermarket shelves have been cleared of the Findus branded horse lasagne, and other products, after the horse burger controversy widened this week.

The The Food Standards Agency (FSA) have ordered retailers to carry out tests on all processed beef products.

It has said it is "highly likely" criminals are to blame for the horse meat scandal, but that there was no evidence of a health risk in what it's chief executive called an "appalling situation".

The scandal has widened to companies UK, Irish Republic, Poland and France.

An FSA spokesman said: "We are demanding that food businesses conduct authenticity tests on all beef products, such as beef burgers, meatballs and lasagne, and provide the results to the FSA. The tests will be for the presence of significant levels of horsemeat."

Findus have also been told to test the contaminated lasagne for the veterinary drug phenylbutazone.

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