Karaoke kings and queens, Helston Chamber Choir needs you.

Starting from small origins, the choir now has big ambitions - but needs more voices to make it possible.

Choir chairman Grace Barnes told PPV: “We need to grow, to be able to offer Helston more ambitious concerts. We need more choir members to join for our next concert, to take place in June.

“Another ten or a dozen singers - whether you're soprano, alto, tenor or bass, you'll be welcome.”

Anyone visualising a West End musical style audition should think again. New members do not have to audition, but instead must pass only two criteria: enjoyment of classical music and the ability to hold a tune.

To this end, the choir is throwing its regular rehearsal open to anyone wanting to try it out for the evening, starting at 7.30pm next Tuesday (February 12) at the Guildhall in Coinagehall Street.

Choir membership is just enough to cover the cost of hiring music and paying a musical director to tease the notes out of the amateur singers.

The choir holds concerts accompanied by the Porthleven Philharmonic Orchestra, most recently at St Michael's Church last month.