Adult Education in Cornwall has increased its enrolments by 31 per cent on the same point in the previous year, putting enrolments at a current total of around 7,000.

The figures are for the the first half of the academic year, August 2012 to July 2013.

Cornwall Council says managers are working to secure future funding to "allow this upward trend to continue".

Adding: "This is a significant achievement as it follows a major downsizing and restructuring of budgets and personnel just prior to the academic year August 2011 to July 2012."

The programmes are focused on helping employed and unemployed people with limited skills.

As well as focusing on second chance opportunities for those with limited qualifications a broad range of courses are available locally for communities in Cornwall.

Shirley Polmounter, chair of the adult education board of governors, said: ‘We are delighted at this turn around achieved by adult education, and extend thanks and congratulations to the colleagues who made it possible."