“Significant” police time was wasted when a woman made up claims she had been assaulted near Ruan Minor.

It had been claimed that the 47-year-old was assaulted by a man at the side of the road between Ruan Minor and Lizard, on January 8.

However, last Wednesday police revealed that after detailed investigations the allegations were found to be false.

The woman had subsequently admitted to wasting police time was given an £80 penalty notice order as a result.

Detective Inspector Pete Simms: “As part of the police investigation into this reported incident, officers traced a number of witnesses and completed a substantial amount of work in examining the woman’s story.

“During these investigations it became clear that the report was false and, following interviews with the woman concerned, she admitted that she had lied to officers.

“This case obviously took up a significant amount of valuable police time, which we can ill-afford to lose.”