A Penryn-based sports league, the only one of its kind in South Cornwall, has been left homeless this month after storms ravaged their training venue.

Kernow Rollers play roller derby, a type of full-contact skating where two teams made up of five members skate around a track trying to score points whilst stopping the other team by blocking them.

The not-for-profit league, established in 2011 and run by the skaters themselves, was left without a training venue after the Sports Dome at Penryn College sustained extensive damage in high winds.

Their next public game was that weekend and the skaters were nervous that without training they wouldn’t be at their best.

In the end they came up trumps in a nail-biter against Wiltshire Roller Derby, who scored 175 points to Kernow’s 178.

Katie Rollason, skater and director of Kernow Rollers, said: “Training only once a week for the foreseeable future threatens to undo all the hard work that our league has been doing over the past year.

“We have been working tirelessly to build a competitive and profitable sports team which allows us to engage with more women and men who want to play this life-changing sport.

“If anyone knows of a space that would like to welcome us please let us know.”

The group are now looking for a new temporary venue the size of four tennis courts and would appreciate any assistance.

A new training venue of this size would allow the league the opportunity to host public games for their growing number of fans, and anything smaller could be used for weekly training.

Any Packet readers who think they can help can contact the group by searching for Kernow Rollers on Facebook.

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