UPDATE. 6pm: After tests have been carried out by gas safety experts and scenes of crime officers at the property today, the cause of the deaths has been established as carbon monoxide poisoning, believed to be from incorrect operation of the gas cooker.

Carbon monoxide levels were reported to be very high, with the people inside the home likely to have slipped into unconsciousness "within a few minutes".

UPDATE 12.45pm: Initial examinations this morning have indicated that the likely cause of the deaths was carbon monoxide poisoning. (Police)

The identity of a family that died in a Camborne carbon monoxide poisoning incident has been confirmed.

John and Audrey Cook, their daughter Maureen Cook, and a pet Jack Russell, died of suspected carbon monoxide poisoning at their home at Tremarle Home Park, North Roskear, Camborne on Saturday.

Insp David Eldridge of Devon and Cornwall Police said: "We were called to a caravan park near Camborne in Cornwall, where a helper had been unable to get a reply from an elderly couple who lived in the caravan.

"We were able to see that there was a figure sat in a chair but they were unresponsive to knocks at the door.

"Cornwall Fire and Rescue were called. They forced entry into the property and found that the three occupants were all dead."

An investigation has been launched into what caused the deaths, however the incident is not thought to be suspicious.