Both the Penlee inshore and all-weather lifeboat were called out to help a stricken trawler on Sunday.

The inshore lifeboat was on exercise on Sunday morning when Falmouth coastguard diverted them to a 30ft trawler that had a fouled propellor and total electrical failure with three people onboard, two miles south of Mousehole Island.

The inshore lifeboat arrived on scene and started to tow the trawler towards Newlyn but found it difficult to make any headway with a fresh NE wind against them.

The Penlee all-weather lifeboat was launched at 10.45am to take over the tow, with the trawler safely brought to Newlyn by 12pm.


Crew: Patch, Jed, Dave P, Mike and Dave Os.

Weather: Wind, NE 4, slight sea, one metre swell.