A Mylor cannabis farmer who helped grow tens of thousands of pounds worth of the drug in Penryn has been jailed for more than four years.

Keith Justin Meyers, of Passage Hill, was convicted of cannabis production and sentenced to four years and three months imprisonment on January 31.

The 44-year-old had been involved in a “commercial” scale set-up that had the potential to rake in over a quarter million a year, the court heard.

Police officers discovered the grow, which consisted of 346 plants at various stages of development, in a factory unit on the outskirts of Penryn in April 2011.

In summing up the judge, Mrs Justice Victoria Sharp, said: “You lied in your interview and you have lied here today.

“I am going to sentence you on the basis that you played a significant role in a commercial enterprise that had a value in excess of £85,000 and had a potential annual value based on three crops per year in excess of £257,000.”

Described as “sophisticated” by Detective Sergeant Martin Roberts of Falmouth CID, the cannabis farm included high-intensity discharge lamps, timers, ventilation and other equipment.