A Penryn teenager who failed to comply with a court order to attend a senior attendance centre for 36 hours in a year had simply stuck his head in the sand and hoped the situation would go away, his solicitor Alex Blair told Truro magistrates.

Thomas Bowden, aged 18, of Saracen Way, admitted breaching the order.

Probation officer Jo Cann said the order in July was for an assault and a bail offence. Compliance had been almost non-existent, as Bowden had only completed three hours since then.

Mr Blair said Bowden was young and did not think about things sensibly, but was prepared to complete the order if he was given another chance. His life was now more stable, as before he had been sofa-surfing and out of touch with the authority.

Bowden was given a fresh order for a year to attend the attendance centre for 36 hours and put on curfew every Friday night for the next 12 weeks. He had to pay £25 costs.