The threat of flooding in and around Stithians spurred the village’s councillors into action recently.

Parish councillors discussed riverbank maintenance and the possible impact of planning applications on flood plains with officers from the Environment Agency (EA) at their February monthly meeting.

Clerk John Calvert said a flood risk management plan for the parish was set to be developed with the EA, Cornwall Council, riverbank owners and “vulnerable parishioners”.

He said: “Because other hazards such as extreme weather events throw up similar risks it is intended that the management plan developed will not only apply to flooding.”

Meanwhile, Cornwall councillor for the area Neil Plummer has announced he will “scrape every penny I have together” to raise £7,376 from his community chest allocation for a flood prevention scheme near St Stythians Church.

He said: “This area has been flooded before - especially the footpath, grass verge and roadway - but during the last year it has been absolutely horrendous because of the climate.”

The so-called “Church Corner Scheme” will allow villagers to walk between the cemetery, cricket and rubgy ground, BMX track, bowling club and car park without having to wade through sludge and mud.

“The only way of achieving meaningful schemes are to tackle them head on and for the local member not to spend money on any small costly projects with doubtful hopes of success,” Mr Plummer said.