Women from across Falmouth, Penryn and Helston felt “betrayed” and “devastated” after a surgeon at the Royal Cornwall Hospital was allowed to continue working despite numerous complaints over 12 years.

Consultant obstetrician Kenneth “Rob” Jones was suspended in May 2012 after 52 women were found to have suffered complications as a result of surgery.

Specialist medical solicitor Tim Goldburn, who represents some of Jones’ former patients, said none “are willing to talk about their injuries and feelings in public” due to the nature of their afflictions.

“All feel devastated that they had placed their trust and faith in Mr Jones, and the hospital, and that trust had been totally betrayed,” he said. Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust made an “unreserved apology” last week over failures that caused “pain and anxiety.”

Trust chairman Martin Watts said: “On behalf of the trust I wish to apologise to those women and their families for the pain distress and anxiety caused by the practice of former obstetric and gynaecology consultant Rob Jones.”