A protest against government plans to introduce a 'bedroom tax' has taken place in Camborne.

The march, planned by the Cornwall Anti-Cuts Alliance, "in conjunction with other community groups', set off from in the square at the top of Trelowarren Street, between 12 and 1 o' clock on Saturday 

A spokesman for CACA said: "Along with benefit cuts in real terms, 30 per cent reductions in council housing benefit and new council tax impositions, this is another attack on the poorest by the rich elite. "At the same time, the ConDem government are giving 13,000 millionnaires like the housing minister, owner of an 8 bedroomed country mansion and a £2m townhouse, a tax CUT of £100,000 per year.

"Economics has little to do with this; it is further vindictive attempt to turn ordinary Cornish people against each other, in order to divert attention from the chaos of the bankers' crisis and the huge and growing inequality gap."