Helston Town Council is to ask the police commissioner to re-open the town’s police station.

The moves comes after former Kerrier councillor Tommy Bray contacted the town council to say he had received a “positive response” to his question about local police stations opening to the public.

He claimed that if Commissioner Tony Hogg received a letter from the council requesting that the police station in Godolphin Road be open at set times of the day, he would “look at the request sympathetically”.

Mr Hogg has not commented on these claims himself.

Helston’s mayor Jonathan Radford-Gaby told his fellow councillors last Thursday that he would support this plan.

He said: “I have always thought it was absolutely ridiculous we have a police station in this town and if we wish to contact the police [we have to use] a box outside the station and get put through to Exeter.”

Members agreed to write to Mr Hogg asking for the station to re-open at set times of the day.