Be prepared for another round of dodge the traffic jam in Helston when Coinagehall Street goes under the tarmac roller in less than a fortnight's time.

With the chaos resulting from closing just one lane of The Furry at the start of this month still a painful recent memory for anyone attempt to get from the bottom of the town to the top, the word “resurfacing” will no doubt be met with shivers of apprehension.

Bizarrely, the very road being resurfaced, however, will not actually be closed.

PPV has yet to decide whether this is good news or a very foolish idea - but one thing is for sure, the work will not make life any easier.

While Coinagehall Street remains open, however, Meneage Street and Church Street will be shut to traffic - at least while the section of road outside the Guildhall is 'planed', something which is anticipated to take around 20 minutes.

Businesses are being asked to organise deliveries for before 7am or after 6pm, although exceptions may be made when requests are put forward in advance.

Despite these visions of doom, however, PPV is in fact looking forward to the start date of April 8 like a patient with toothache might look forward to a trip to the dentist.

It can only result in pain, but the hope is that the end result will be worth it.

Coinagehall Street, in its current state, has more dips and bumps that the Hornet rollercoaster at Flambards - but with a good deal less of the fun factor when it comes to car suspensions.

If a week or so of discomfort results in a shiny new surface that actually lasts longer than the next cold spell then this column for one is happy to sit in the inevitable traffic jams - after all, that is what car radios were invented for right?