A big tick has been given to plans to convert a former World War II radar station near St Keverne into a rural classroom.

The 20 Acre Plantation site at the edge of Crousa Downs, at Zoar, contains the remains of wartime radar station RAF Trelanvean.

Now Mr M Tylor has applied for planning permission to convert it into a rural classroom for visiting school groups.

The idea was put to St Keverne Parish Council, which agreed unanimously to support the application.

Councillor Roger Combe said: “I think it's a great thing, to make an educational use of it.”

Because the radar station was top secret there are very few records and no known original plans.

In the years since the war the site has been covered by a tree plantation, which until last year was thick with rhododendron.

This has now been removed, opening up the site for the first time in many years and allowing access to a number of the buildings including a well, toilet block, stores and possible guard hut.

These are dominated by three earth covered bunkers that once housed generators, transmitters or receivers. Further military remains such as camp barracks and radar mast positions lie to the north and south of the plantation.

Chain Home Low radar stations formed part of an early warning system against low flying enemy aircraft during World War Two.

RAF Trelanvean saw additional use in the Cold War and was finally closed in 1958.

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