A chaotic comic pioneer who has spent more than two decades on the nation’s TV screens made a rare appearance in a Falmouth bookshop last week.

Rik Mayall, best known for his energetic, over-the-top characters in cult series such as The Young Ones, Blackadder, Bottom, The New Statesman and 1991’s comedy fantasy film Drop Dead Fred, took up residence in Falmouth Bookseller last Wednesday afternoon.

Falmouth Packet:

(ABOVE) Rik also signed fans' copies of 90's TV series Bottom

The 55-year-old made an exclusive appearance in his “favourite city” of “Foul-mouth” to promote independently-produced audio-comedy CD “The Last Hurrah,” in which he plays an immortal sherry-guzzling snowman called Elton.

“Foul-mouth Bookseller,” said Rik, “is the only shop in the country - in fact on the face of the planet, in fact in any high street in any universe – that sells The Last Hurrah.

“It’s the only city that has a shop you can go in to and buy The Last Hurrah, which is my latest work along with a couple of naughty boys around here called Craig Green and Dominic Vince.”

(ABOVE) Watch a video package featuring Rik, his fans and "The Last Hurrah" co-writer Craig Green - filmed at Falmouth Bookseller last week

Rik’s character in the audio series “is an exploration of being older,” he said, “except it’s beyond older as Elton is immortal.”

And according to Rik, he has some experience of what immortality feels like after a quad bike accident in 1998 left him in an induced coma in Plymouth’s Derriford Hospital for four days.

“I didn’t die,” he said, “or I did die and came back.

“Others have been to the edge and come back, but I’m immortal so I’m exploring that now.”

Falmouth Packet:

(ABOVE) Rik was taken aback by last week's edition of the Packet

Falmouth-based co-writer Craig Green also compared Rik to his character Elton, when he described him as “someone who has seen everything and done everything and does not give a damn.”

The inimitable anarchic comedian certainly drew the crowds from far and wide, with his scheduled two-hour signing session overrunning by nearly an hour and a half.

“Seeing all these people here,” said Craig, “people have come from Manchester and Stockport just to see Rik – it’s absolutely sensational.”

“They are lovely people,” Rik added, “this is the place to be.”

Falmouth Packet:

(ABOVE) Ron Johns, proprietor of Falmouth Bookseller, with Rik

The Last Hurrah is available on triple CD from Falmouth Bookseller priced at £12 or as a direct download from thelasthurrah.co.uk

(BELOW) Rik even found time for a quick dance with a fan

Falmouth Packet:

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