New faces join some familiar names on the list of candidates running to become town councillors in Falmouth and Penryn.

At present some candidates have put their names forward for two different wards, so must withdraw from one by next Wednesday.

However, as things stand at the moment, in Falmouth the people standing for the Arwenack ward are: Maureen Davies as a Liberal Democrat, Geoffrey Evans as a Conservative and Steven Gray.

Standing for the Boslowick ward are: Rowenna Brock as an Independent, Steve Eva as an Independent, Alan Jewell as a Conservative, Malcolm Leather as a Conservative, Patricia Minson as an Independent and Marie Ryan as a Conservative.

Candidates in the Penwerris ward are: John Body as an Independent, Rowenna Brock as an Independent, Grenville Chappel, Gerald Chin-Quee as an Independent, Louise Coley as Labour, Simon Coley for Labour and Tony Leamon for Mebyon Kernow.

For the Smithick ward the candidates are: Candy Atherton as a Labour candidate, Alex Brinnen as an Independent, Tony Canton as an Independent, Oliver Cramp as a Liberal Democrat, Simon Fudge as an Independent, Diana Merrett as an Independent, Rolf Munding as an Independent, Christopher Smith as an Independent and Janey Davis as an Independent.

Standing in the Trescobeas ward are: Keven Ayres as an Independent, Allyson Biggins as a Totally Independent, Vicky Eva as an Independent, Brod Ross for Labour, David Saunby as an Independent and Miriam Venner for Labour.

In Penryn, standing for the east ward are: Vicky Bennett, David Garwood as Mebyon Kernow, Gill Grant as Independent, John Hodge, Martin Mullins as Independent and Victor Tullin.

Candidates in the west ward are: Nick Ferris, David Garwood as Mebyon Kernow, Keven Green, Beverly Hulme, Cait Hutchings, John Langan as Independent, Mary May, Shelley Peters, Glanville Rickard, Mark Snowdon as Independent and Ted Wilkes as an Independent.

The towns go to the polls on Thursday, May 2, the same day as the Cornwall Council elections.