RCHT is to trial the extension of X-ray services at Camborne and Redruth Community Hospital in a bid to ease the pressure at the main Emergency Department at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro.

For suspected fractures or foreign bodies, patients are encouraged to attend one of the Minor Injury Units at community hospitals across Cornwall.

These will offer X-ray cover over the next two weekends.

MIU's treat a range of minor injuries and the trail weekend X-ray service is in additional to the usual weekday service at all of the MIU’s.

ED Consultant, Dr Andy Virr said, “If minor injury patients seek medical attention at one of the Minor Injury Units with x-ray cover, patients at both Minor Injuries and the Emergency Department will have less waiting time and be able to get treated more quickly.”

The X-ray service is available from 1-5 pm at Bodmin Community Hospital MIU today Saturday , April; Newquay Community Hospital MIU on Sunday, April 14; and Camborne and Redruth Community Hospital MIU on Saturday, April 20.

If you are not sure whether your injury is minor and can be treated in a minor injury unit, contact your local unit for advice or NHS Direct on 0845 46 47.