Gyllyngdune Gardens in Falmouth has a new artist in residence who plans to work with local school children to create miniature versions of some of the site’s landmarks.

Ruth Purdy follows in the footsteps of Falmouth artist John Dyer and has already started coming up with ideas for the next 12 months which will definitely involve children and, she hopes, the elderly too.

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The 42-year-old studied fine art at Birmingham and followed that with an MA in photography at Falmouth University. She applied for the post of artist in residence and was delighted when she was accepted.

“I feel it’s a great opportunity and it’s a great place to work, somewhere that has so much heritage,” she said.

“That is what interests me about the place and all the different things that have happened over the years. I find it quite inspiring and I am going to enjoy working here.”

Ruth, who lives in Constantine, is a freelance artist who has worked in care homes and schools across the county. She has experimented with jewellery, candle-making, drawing and painting, but her work now focuses on making pictures by constructing 3D models out of paper and card which she then captures on film. This is what she has planned for Gyllyngdune. The gardens will be made in miniature and Ruth will then use the small models to create large scale images which will go on show.

Gyllyngdune’s visitor and education officer, Sarah Spiegler-Williams, said: “We’re really excited to be working with Ruth and look forward to seeing how she interprets Gyllyngdune Gardens for our visitors.

“We’re currently displaying some of Ruth’s previous work within the foyer at the pavilion so visitors to the site will be able to get an idea of what’s to come.”