It seems the double election on Thursday next week is causing some confusion among voters in Helston.

With similar sounding names for the various divisions, electors are finding it hard to tell their town council candidates from their Cornwall Council contenders.

In the town council elections on May 2 votes need to be cast for two wards: Helston north and Helston south.

There is no election in the west ward, as both places have been filled unopposed, by existing councillors Nicola Boase and Justine Hornsby.

However, those living in the west of the town still need to go out to vote for their Cornwall councillor, which will be covering the Porthleven and Helston West division.

Cornwall Council also has divisions called Helston North and Helston South, meaning people living in these areas must vote twice on the day.

Of course it is not helped that in some cases the same candidate might be standing for election to both the town and county.

For clarification are publishing a list of candidates for both elections, along with a call to action to all who live in the town and are on the electoral roll.

Whether you agree with what has been happening in the town over the last six years (when the last town council elections took place) or, perhaps even more importantly, if you don't, if you like to have a moan about the way things are run then this is the time to make your voice heard.

Helston Town Council candidates Helston North ward: John Boase, Niall Devenish, Lloyd Harris, Jonathan Radford-Gaby, Nicola Roberts, Mike Thomas. Five candidates will be elected for this ward.

Helston South ward: Ronald Edgcumbe, Gillian Geer, Tim Grattan-Kane, Martine Knight, John Martin, Christopher Ring, Mark Upton, Ronnie Williams. Five people will also be elected to this ward.

Cornwall Council candidates Helston North division: Leonie Gough from Porthleven for the UK Independence Party, Phil Martin from Sithney as an Independent, current councillor Alec Robertson from Helston for the Conservative Party, Mollie Scrase from Marazion for the Liberal Democrats.

Helston South division: Scott Blanford from Helston for the UK Independence Party, James Buchanan from Helston as an Independent, Tanya Dyer from Helston for the Conservative Party, current councillor Judith Haycock from Helston as an Independent, John Martin from Godolphin Cross for the Liberal Democrats.

Porthleven and Helston West: Richard Goedegebuur from Sithney for the Liberal Democrats, Stephen Gough from Porthleven for the UK Independence Party, Liz Lane from Porthleven for the Conservative Party, current councillor Andrew Wallis from Porthleven as an Independent.