Tomorrow marks the most important day on Helston's calendar: Flora Day.

Widely considered better than Christmas and birthdays put together, it is a day when the whole town comes together to celebrate with dancing and music.

The annual feast day sees normal working practices set aside for 24 hours, with merriment in its place.

To be asked to lead one of the dances is among the highest honours the town can bestow.

Leading the Morning Dance from the Guildhall at 7am will be Clare O'Hare, Graham Webber, Gillian Hammond and Sam Autie. They will repeat the dance again the evening, at 5pm. 

This year the school fronting the the Children's Dance from Wendron Street at 9.40am is Helston Community College. They have chosen sixth form students Lauren Kenchington, Peter Crowther, Hannah Whear and Liam Gimbert to be the leading set.

During the Children's Dance this year, for the first time, the second Helston Town Band group will stand outside Gryll's Monument at the bottom of Coinagehall Street while the school pupils dance around the Bowling Green. This is to allow more of the children to hear the music as they make their way along the final stretch of the dance.

For the Ancient Furry Dance at midday, which always attracts the largest crowds, the four Helstonians selected to lead are David Harvey, Julie Willey, Mark Bradley and Ruth Williams. They will step out of the Guildhall as the clock strikes 12, to lead the procession of dancers through houses and shops and around the town. 

After the end of the Ancient Furry Dance, at approximately 2.15pm, there is a break in proceedings before the Evening Dance at 5pm, allowing people the chance to enjoy the stalls in Coinagehall Street and Monument Road, as well as head to the fairground set up opposite Coronation Park, before returning for the final dance of the day.