Five Cornish disability charities have joined forces to say the councillor who resigned over comments that disabled children should be 'put down' as they cost Cornwall too much, and was then re-elected, is not fit to hold office.

Reiterating their call for him to stand down, the joint statement on behalf of The Parent Carer Council for Cornwall, Disability Cornwall and Isles of Scilly, Cornwall People First, the National Autistic Society (West Cornwall Branch) and Cornwall Downs Syndrome Support Group thanked people for attending a protest meeting at County Hall, and those leaders of the council's political parties who came out to speak to protesters and "share their own concerns with us".

The statement said: "Unfortunately, despite Cornwall Council's efforts to set up a meeting between the Parent Carer Council, Disability Cornwall and Cllr Brewer, it did not go ahead", claiming that this was due to Mr Brewer being "signed off sick".

Adding they look forward to rescheduling this meeting "at the earliest opportunity".

The charities say that since Cllr Brewer's re-election to Wadebridge East, they have heard from "many people in that area who are mortified by this result".

Saying: "We believe and many people have told us, Brewer is not representative of Wadebridge or of Cornwall."

Adding they feel his comment was not made as a Cornish joke, to provoke debate or as a wind up and that his re-election was adding insult to injury. Adding Mr Brewer had caused "immense upset and distress" to many good citizens in Cornwall.

Calling Mr Brewers' statement following his re-election "triumphant", the charities have said they believe he is not fit to hold public office."

It adds: "His re-election sends entirely the wrong message to the people of Cornwall at a time when disabled people are experiencing increasing intolerance and abuse in their communities.

"We have no option but to accept the democratic process however flawed it may seem in this case, but we ask again that Cllr Brewer re-consider his position and find an alternative way to make a contribution to his community."

"Let's not forget, if the complaints process itself was fit for purpose in the first place, and a more appropriate sanction applied, Collin Brewer would probably never have had the chance to stand for re-election."