With the status quo maintained in Helston and The Lizard for the majority of Cornwall Council seats, there was one notable shock.

Alec Robertson has gone from the leader of Cornwall Council to losing his seat in just over six months.

Conservative Mr Robertson polled 494 votes in Helston North but it was not enough to beat Independent Phil Martin, who took 590 votes to secure the seat, which was really only ever going to be a two horse race.

Mr Robertson was ousted as council leader by secret ballot in October, with 63 votes in favour of the motion to remove him and 49 votes against.

Councillor Bob Egerton, openness and transparency champion, proposed the leader’s removal following his decision to push ahead with the part-privatisation of council services against the wishes of the majority of council members.

There was a mixed reaction to this result from Packet readers commenting online at thepacket.co.uk.

Helston Observer wrote: “A great shame that Alec Robertson did not regain his seat. Party politics aside, he was a councillor of honesty and integrity and he steered Cornwall Council through some very rocky patches.

“I don't know the new man at all, but I hope he's good, because he has some very big shoes to fill in the departure of Alec. Good on you, Alec, thank you for everything you did for Cornwall.”

However, Tyrone Shulace wrote: “Congratulations to Phil Martin, I am sure you know exactly what work is involved without anyone condescendingly telling you. I voted for you, and I am sure you will do a brilliant job alongside Judith Haycock and Andrew Wallis who are also both great councillors.

“There is nothing stopping Alec Robertson still helping the town just because he is no longer a councillor.”