It seems Cornwall Council doesn’t like a Penryn developer’s plans to house 200 university students on the edge of a Falmouth industrial estate.

Andrew Risely, of Sustainable Developments (SW) Limited, got in touch with the council recently to ask whether some student flats on the north side of Tregoniggie wouldn’t be an awfully good idea.

His scheme, which is only at the pre-application stage, would ease pressure on the town’s housing stock, he said, by giving the students somewhere to live that’s out of town but still walking distance from the centre.

A coffee shop and office space might also form part of the flat blocks, which would overlook Falmouth Town’s Bickland Park football ground.

But Mark Ball, one of Cornwall Council’s principal development officers, said the land should be reserved for business, or in his words “employment aspirations,” and was worried that the students wouldn’t want to live 30 minute’s walk from the town centre.

Is squirreling a chunk of the student populace away on the outskirts a good idea, let us know below.

from Pendennis Point of View