A question mark lies over the future of a naval rating from RNAS Culdrose after he was sentenced to four weeks in prison by a district judge at Truro.

Emmanuel Kweku Bedu, 40, could lose his job which would mean his returning to his home in Ghana, his solicitor Charles Hulley told District Judge Ian Strongman.

Bedu admitted drink-driving at Helston on April 6 when he registered more than three times the legal alcohol limit.

Alison May, prosecuting, said Bedu’s vehicle was stopped by police officers who saw him driving erratically at 1am. He later tested at 129mcg in breath. He had no previous convictions.

Mr Hulley said the defendant’s family in Ghana would suffer severe consequences as a result of the court case as Bedu was the breadwinner. This was the rating’s first brush with the law. On the Thursday before the Easter weekend he had had a falling out with his wife over the telephone and bought two or three bottles of wine, which he drank by himself.

He spent the Thursday night and Friday in bed, eating nothing. On the Friday night he went to get his car which he had left in a supermarket car park and was stopped by the police.

He did not drink very often because of his job and had not drunk for 24 hours before he was tested.

As well as his prison sentence Bedu was banned from driving for 36 months.