An allegedly inappropriate comment by her former partner led to a woman “snapping” and attacking him in a Helston bar.

This took 32-year-old Rosie Salmon before magistrates in Truro.

Salmon, a nursing home carer training to be a nurse, of Langweath Estate in Mawgan, pleaded guilty to assaulting Matthew Aaron Hill at Helston on January 20.

Gail Hawksley, for the CPS, said the couple had split up about 18 months ago, and were involved in an ongoing court case over child custody.

On the night of the offence Mr Hill was in the Shooters Bar with a girlfriend when Salmon, who had been dancing around a pole in the club, “stormed across the floor towards him and threw her arms at him wildly.”

He turned his back on her but she grabbed him around the shoulders from behind and as he staggered backwards he tripped and fell to the floor. Salmon then attacked him on the ground with her arms thrashing at him.

The incident was brought to a halt by door staff who pulled Salmon away.

Mr Hill suffered soreness afterwards but no physical injury.

Salmon, who had no previous convictions, was represented by solicitor Martin Pearce, who said she was currently in a serious relationship with another person and worked at a nursing home in Helston. The separation had been a very bitter one.

Salmon's behaviour was entirely out of character and after an alleged comment by Mr Hill she had snapped and attacked him.

Salmon was given a 20-month conditional discharge and told to pay costs and surcharge of £100, £50 compensation to Mr Hill, and was given a drink banning order for a year.