Flora Day had a continental edge this year thanks to visitors from Helston's twin town in Brittany, France.

Plougsasnou has been linked to Helston for two years, but this was the first time that an official visit has been made to the annual celebrations.

Welcomed by members of the Helston and District Town Twinning Association, the group began by picking blue bells on the Tuesday morning to decorate the shops with that evening, ready for the following day's festivities.

Despite the unwelcome rain at lunchtime, the Breton visitors thoroughly enjoyed the big day itself and were even a given a taste of Helston's famous Flora Day hospitality.

Thanks to the visitors staying with families in the town, they were able to enjoy buffet lunches at a number of 'open house' celebrations taking place.

In the evening members from both twin towns joined together to follow the 5pm dance, while there was a special honour for the Mayor of Plougasnou.

He joined Helston's mayor Jonathan Radford-Gaby at the head of the dance when it reached the Bowling Greenn, to walk with the final procession through Coinagehall Street and back to the Guildhall.

The next planned visit will see a group of bowlers arriving from Plougasnou for a weekend of bowling and hospitality with Helston Bowls Club in June.