A woman accused of failing to provide a breath specimen for analysis at a police station told the officer: “It is not fair, I did blow”.

However, she did not complete the test satisfactorily, prosecutor Alison May told Truro magistrates.

Before the court was Pamela Jane Hosking, aged 25, of Troon Row, Breage, who pleaded guilty to failing to provide a specimen on April 28.

Ms May said police officers had been alerted to her driving but had been unable to trace her on the road, going to her address instead, where they saw her try three times to park her vehicle.

When they spoke to her, her speech was slurred and rambling and she was clearly intoxicated. She could not give any medical reason for failing the breath test later.

Her solicitor Elliott Moore said she had been unable to give an explanation for the failure.

Hosking was fined £110 and £70 costs and surcharge and banned from driving for 17 months.