The Penryn Hill Sprint that recreated Lady Jane Killigrew’s historic flight from Falmouth saw well over 200 spectators gather to watch the race, with more than one quirky twist.

Nearly 50 runners took part in the fun race in hot pursuit of Lady Jane from Jubilee Wharf to the top of Penryn High Street, with American footballers, the FXU Zombie Society and strategically placed hay bales providing obstacles to hinder their progress. After three intensive heats for each of the age groups - ten to 14, 14 to 18 and 18 plus - Penryn resident Josh Copeland won the winner of winners final race. Eleven year-old Tom Bell a pupil at Penryn College won the childrens’ race.

“A special mention goes out to the entire Ratcliffe family whose two children and dad all qualified for the final,” added Rich Pearson, whose brainchild it was to create a fun spectacle for participants and spectators alike based on an episode from Penryn’s rich and fascinating history.