Rumours are rife that Pirates of the Caribbean star and mega-hunk Johnny Depp was walking the streets of Falmouth and Penzance yesterday.

The 50-year-old actor, who was reportedly the highest paid actor in the world last year, was spotted by a number of people - although not all the "sightings" are that convincing.

Danni Callahan was adamant that she saw Mr Depp in Falmouth town centre at 4.30pm.

She said: "We were like, that looks like [him] but we didn't know he was that short!"

West Cornwall community radio station Penwith Radio, meanwhile, said they "heard on the grapevine" that the Hollywood star was in Penzance about 3.30pm.

And that's where the rumour mill started to take over.

Facebook user "Jess Was-Ere" said: "I actually saw him on Sunday morning filling up at the petrol station in Fraddon.

"I knew it was him as soon as I googled him, as I recognised a tattoo he had on his wrist - like a cuff thing.

"I'm about 95 per cent sure it was him," she added, "best hangover ever!"

James Cherry replied: "He's popped over to mow my lawn. He's good like that."

According to "Camionero de Peter" Mr Depp was spotted by "a lad I trust" and Joe Smile added: "He's in Sennen, third caravan from the gate."

But perhaps the most believable of the sightings came from Alison Blayney.

"He just met us at the Waterside Meadery, straight off his boat," she said. "Liked the chicken, drank the mead and was gone!"

The Meadery were unavailable for comment.

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