Penzance is gearing up to celebrate the Golowan festival with the support of Penwith College

Golowan, Cornish for midsummer, is the festival of St. John and is held in Penzance each year in late June. While a centuries old tradition, it was revived by a group of artists and local schools in 1991 and the ten day festival finishes with the Mazey weekend and the highlight of the Penzance calendar, Mazey Day.

Penwith College, sponsor of Golowan 2013, is opening the festival with an evening of music, dance and drama to celebrate the solstice on Friday June 21.

 Martin Tucker, principal of Penwith College says: “Golowan means a lot to the people of Penzance – and further afield - and has something that attracts between 30-40,000 people each year with a wide range of interests. We are delighted to be sponsoring the festival this year.”

Another collaborative event between Penwith College and Golowan is ‘Notes on the Green’ – a showcase of young acoustic musicians throughout Penwith. This takes place on Quay Fair Day – June 30 from 10.30am -4pm in the Penlee Park Outdoor Theatre.

The Director of Golowan, Tracy Bowers says: “The support from Penwith College in 2013 means that we are able to develop the festival, provide an exciting programme of events and launch Golowan among friends and supporters. We are keen to develop partnerships with other organisations that, like Golowan, put the community first as we look to take the festival forward for future generations.”

Tickets cost £10 and are available from or the Welcome Centre, Penzance