Shouts of “I know him!” could be heard echoing through Helston and across the Lizard Peninsula last Wednesday when a Cornish face could be spotted on BBC 1 show The Apprentice.

In this episode the candidates were tasked with selling products at the Motorhome and Caravan Show - and among the crowds was none other than Joe Cannon from Cury.

The ShelterBox response team member and former Lizard Club 2000 chairman was visiting the show when one of the teams grabbed him in an attempt to sell him one of their products.

Business analyst Jordan Poulton was quick to pronounce the virtues of the bicycle they were attempting to flog, but Mr Cannon was not biting and moved swiftly on.

Despite an appearance lasting all of eight seconds, his inclusion in the show prompted a flurry of excited comments on Facebook - not to mention here at the Packet, and no doubt from all who know him.