Members of the First Defence black belt schools were invited back stage to see the international Kung Fu stars The Shaolin Warriors when they appeared at the Hall for Cornwall in Truro earlier this month.

The members from First Defence, which has classes in Falmouth, Helston and Hayle, got to speak and have pictures taken with the Shaolin monks.

They were then allowed to watch them conduct their warm up before the show started. Mike Beard also received a Shaolin vest which was signed by all the cast and crew.

“The show itself was spectacular and it has made our students more determined to strive for perfection in our martial arts,” said Mr Beard, who is First Defence’s chief instructor and world champion.

First Defence black belt schools have been established for more than 17 years. The first school started in Helston and the club quickly grew in size and popularity.

Mr Beard then opened up a full time martial arts centre in Falmouth and following the success of these schools, twice world champion David Rogers 4th Dan opened up a school on Hayle.

The classes cater for all ages from five years up to 70. Mr Beard 6th Dan told the Packet: “A lot of people do not realise the benefits of martial arts and what children and adults can gain from it.