A have-a-go hero has pulled a casualty from a smoked filled flat in Liskeard after a sofa was set ablaze by 'smoking materials'

Just after 2pm this afternoon, firefighters were called to an incident where water was coming through a ground floor shop ceiling from the flats above.

One appliance with six firefighters were mobilised to the scene to investigate and when firefighters arrived they found the fire alarms sounding.

A spokesman said: "Fortunately one of the neighbours had investigated the cause of the alarm and pulled a neighbour from a flat which had smoke issuing from it. A sprinkler system in the flat had activated, this water was causing the water to flood into the shop below.

On the discovery of the fire a request for ‘make pumps two’ was made and a second appliance with six firefighters from Callington was called to the scene.

Crews entered the flat wearing two breathing apparatus and one hose reel and extinguished the fire in the property involving a sofa.

The casualty was treated for smoke inhalation by ambulance paramedics, and was taken to hospital via air ambulance. Once the fire was extinguished, crews isolated the buildings water supply to stop the sprinkler system from running. A positive pressure ventilation fan was used to clear smoke from the building.

An investigation on scene by firefighters established the cause of the fire as having come from smoking materials igniting the sofa.