Falmouth Aquarium will be playing host to two marine experts this evening as part of a series of talks on the risks and benefits of oceans to human health.

The event, at 6:30pm, offers a change to "expand your knowledge about health and the ocean, see the fish in the aquarium and talk to others in the community," Johanna Naradzay, from the aquarium, said.

"The benefits of the ocean are often undervalued, in terms of health benefits from seafood consumption and the benefits of being by the sea for mental and physical health.

"There will be several notable guest speakers including Dr Tim Taylor, environmental lecturer, and Professor Fleming, an epidemiologist with over two decades of experience and the director of the European Centre at the University of Exeter."

Professor Fleming is a board certified occupational and environmental health physician and epidemiologist with over two decades of experience and expertise in environment and occupational exposures and human health.

She is director of the European Centre, and she is a chair of Oceans, Epidemiology and Human Health at the University of Exeter.

Professor Taylor's main research interest is in the valuation of environment and health endpoints in policy analysis and in the use of economic instruments to improve the environment. 

The Falmouth Aquarium is located in a four storey townhouse in the centre of Falmouth, it offers a combination of live marine exhibits with bones, fossils and artefacts. 

A small charity, its mission is to "educate the general public on the various challenges facing our marine environment both now and in the future."