A petition has been launched calling for “essential and urgent” rebuilding work to be carried out at Helston Community College.

It is in reaction to the news two weeks ago that Cornwall Council has as yet been unable to find the £10million it had pledged last year, to rebuild dilapidated C-block.

The petition was launched in Helston's Coinagehall Street on Saturday by Derek Thomas, who hopes to become an Conservative MP at the next general election.

The response from members of the public has been described as “phenomenal”, with 95 per cent of people who were approached signing the petition.

Natasha Orchard, a former student of Helston Community College, said: “I strongly support the rebuild and I hope Cornwall Council change their mind regarding the funding.”

Mr Thomas hopes to be able to present a petition of 2,000 signatures to the council's cabinet members when they meet in September to discuss a way forward.

He said: “I urge councillor Andrew Wallis [portfolio holder] and the cabinet of Cornwall Council to find some way to fund this urgent rebuilding program. The redevelopment of C-block must be an absolute priority if we are serious about giving our young people the best start in life.”

More petition signings are planned in Helston over the coming weeks, with people also able to sign it online at www.petitionbuzz.com/petitions/helstoncc.