Within three days of being given an ASBO a Penryn woman had already broken it by screaming and smashing things in her back garden.

Jennifer Stamp, pictured, of West Street, was handed the anti-social behaviour by magistrates in Truro last Thursday.

The conditions of the two-year order were that Stamp must not be found drunk in any public place within Falmouth and Penryn, create excessive noise while in her home between 9pm and 9am or use language or gestures to intimidate, threaten or cause anyone to fear for their safety in Penryn.

It was made after she pleaded guilty to two counts of using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, twice breaching a drink banning order, being drunk and disorderly and breaking a conditional discharge that was given for drink driving in April this year and using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour.

Yet on Sunday, at 7.30am, police were called to her home over a complaint that Stamp had been screaming and smashing items in her garden and was playing very loud music.

This saw the 47-year-old back before the court in Truro, where she faced prosecutor Gail Hawkley.

Neil Lewin, Stamp’s solicitor, said his client had not been sleeping well and after drinking no alcohol the previous evening she could not sleep. She was woken in the early hours by one of her cats and decided to get drunk in order to try and sleep. She had a previous history of mental illness.

Stamp was told that the 28 hours she had spent in custody would count as her sentence.