Helston has come a step closer to having some of its alleyways gated off at night over concerns that they were a focus for anti-social behaviour.

The idea was first raised at the July meeting of Helston Town Council and last week councillors were told it was becoming increasingly likely this would happen.

PCSO Mark Rogers from Helston Police Station said that “a minority” of late night drinkers were causing issues in some of the alleyways off Coinagehall Street, resulting in residents becoming distressed.

He added: “This behaviour has continued and the suggestion of the alleyways being gated during the evenings and nights has been passed to councillor Mark Upton.”

Mr Upton told the meeting that the proposal relate to private alleyways, for example Cobbler’s Row between JJ News and the Methodist chapel, and not the opes used by pedestrians or with vehicle access.

He said of the gating: “It would deter people going down late at night through the alleyways, in order to use them inappropriately.”

He added that he was in negotiations with WPC Anne Butcher and Helston Methodist Church’s property committee about Cobbler’s Row in particular, but was happy to look at other areas if members felt it was necessary.