Two flights were cancelled this morning after a plane carrying 44 people had a technical fault on landing at Newquay Airport yesterday evening.

A spokesman for Cornwall Fire and Rescue said: ""On a request from Newquay Airport stating a problem with an aircraft on the ground, Cornwall Fire & Rescue mobilised several different resources from Newquay, St Columb, St Dennis, St Austell, Wadebridge, Bodmin and Launceston.

"On arrival at a pre determined rendezvous point, the crews were advised that the incident had been dealt with by the Newquay Airport Fire Service, the incident involved the hydraulics of a plane which was on the ground."

The Dash 8 aircraft carrying 44 people was on the way from Gatwick before landing at about 10pm on Tuesday.

A Flybe spokesman said: “Due to a minor technical fault, it was deemed necessary that the 40 passengers disembark the aircraft on the taxiway, which they did without incident before being bussed to the terminal.

“As is standard industry practice, the airport’s emergency services attended the aircraft.

“Flybe regrets the inconvenience experienced by our passengers as a result of this incident.”

No one on board the twin-propeller aircraft suffered any injuries, with emergency services alerted only as a precaution

The 7.15am flight to Gatwick and the flight due from Gatwick at 10.15am have been cancelled.

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