A university student from the Tremough Campus was walking home from an evening with friends when he was set upon by strangers, knocked to the ground, and then knew no more until he woke up in an ambulance.

Two men have been accused of the attack, one of whom was before Truro magistrates and the other is due to be arrested after failing to turn up in court.

Jermaine Gerrard-Hart, aged 19, of Treliever Road, Penryn, pleaded guilty to assaulting Daniel Manderfield at Penryn on May 12.

Alison May, for the CPS, said Mr Manderfield had been drinking, but was not drunk, and was on his way to his accommodation on campus when he remembered seeing some lads on the opposite side of the road, then crossing to his, before he was punched in the face and fell to the ground.

Jermaine admitted to the police that he had kicked him in the ribs while he was down.

His solicitor Fred Howell said his client was ashamed of what he had done. He was currently getting a lot of help with problems he had and because he was unwell he had been taking drink to medicate the effect of his illness.

Gerrard-Hart was put on curfew two nights a week for ten weeks, and ordered to pay £60 compensation to Mr Manderfield. He was also given a drink banning order for six months.

*A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Ryan Oliver Renton, aged 19 of Greenwood Road, Penryn, who failed to attend court to face a charge of jointly assaulting Daniel Manderfield at Penryn.