Periods of heavy and persistent rain, as well as some heavy showers, are set to hit Falmouth and Penryn today, with hopes of a gap in the clouds for the Gorsedh celebrations.

Cornish Gorsedh celebrates and promotes the county’s distinctive Celtic culture and the event will be held at the ancient site of Glasney College today. The principle ceremony will take place at 2pm and see the inauguration of 18 new bards in recognition of their outstanding work in serving Cornwall and its identity. 

While fingers are certainly crossed for a dry afternoon, the Met Office is warning of heavy showers. with 20-40mm is likely to fall, perhaps even in excess of 60mm, leading to some flooding from rivers or surface water.

A spokesman said: "There is still some uncertainty as to where and when the heaviest rainfall and greatest impacts will occur, and this warning may be updated on Saturday. The public should be aware that there is a risk of localised disruption due to flooding."