The has brought you some strange stories in the past, but perhaps none as strange as an albino crow on holiday on the Lizard.

The bird was turning heads at Mullion Cove on Monday after its owners brought it out for a show and tell.  

Called Polaris, the crow lives with John and Lisa of the International Centre for Birds of Prey, a worldwide conservation group based in Gloucestershire.

They rescued Polaris after he was thrown out of the family nest as a chick, presumably because of its rare colourings.

Visitors to the cove were fascinated by the bird, which had already visited Land’s End and had stopped off at Mullion before making his way to The Lizard.

Bob Felce, who lives in Mullion, was among those who happened to be at the cove when Polaris caused a stir.

He said: “People were asking if he was an albino chough. They look quite similar, but only in shape. He was an interesting visitor for other visitors in the cove and it was a real change to see something like that.”

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