More people have come forward to complain about the work of a roofing company that they claim has left them thousands of pounds out of pocket.

Last week the Packet exposed company Everlast as carrying out a “shoddy” job on Falmouth couple Philip and Joy Aldridge’s garage roof.

Despite paying £1,300 they claimed the roof leaked more than ever before – and their constant calls for the company to resolve the matter were left unanswered.

As a result, Cornwall Trading Standards has begun investigating the matter with regards to a possible criminal investigation.

Since then 73-year-old Michael Harris from Penryn has come forward saying he believes he also paid out to the same company, although they were trading under a slightly different name at that point.

Everything else was identical though, from the £1,300 bill to the failing to return phone calls or correct faults.

Mr Harris said the company claimed to be “trying to get into Cornwall” and so offered him a half price offer on his roof repairs – £1,000 to repair both the roof of an extension and his garage and a further £300 for taking away asbestos.

The ceiling of his extension subsequently fell down, requiring a whole new roof. Even more gallingly, it had not even been leaking when the work was carried out, but Mr Harris decided to take advantage of the offer by repairing the ageing roof.

Mr Harris said: “I felt badly let down. I felt embarrassed and terrible that I let this happen to myself. They say if it’s too good to be true it isn’t true.”

Jenny Horner, from Redruth, paid £1,700 in April for Everlast to replace two flat roofs but ended up with a flooded house after they failed to replace the flashing.

She said: “I got flooded right through. It went through my loft, through the bedroom, down two walls and worked its way out through the chimney. If I hadn’t been up all night I would have had it all down in the living room.”

After repeated attempts at contacting the company she finally got through to a receptionist, who promised someone would be round in three hours – they never showed.

Since then Ms Horner has begun a determined hunt to track down the company, drafting in the help of staff from her local B&Q store, contacting BT and speaking to a taxi driver, who claimed the Truro address she had been given by the company “doesn’t exist.”

The whole matter has left Ms Horner feeling upset and embarrassed. “I trusted him. I was mortified. They’re making people’s lives a misery – you can’t afford to lose that money. It’s not just the money I’ve paid out, but afterwards I’ve had to get somebody to put all these things right.”

Attempts by the Packet to speak to the company have failed, with messages not returned.