A CORNISH book fair, held during a festival to celebrate the county’s culture, saw the launch of book about Cornish Bards.

Gorsedh Kernow, which exists to maintain the national Celtic spirit of Cornwall through literature, music, art, language and links with other Celtic cultures, launched its fourth book through its publishing arm, “Cornish Bards from the Penryn and Falmouth Area,” on September 5 at Penryn Town Hall as part of the |week-long Esedhvos Kernow Cornish heritage celebrations.

Under the direction of the past Grand Bard and vice chair of Gorsedh Publications Ann Trevenen-Jenkin, material for all-Cornish publication has been collected by volunteers, including a number of bards and also the Penryn and Falmouth Old Cornwall Society, The Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society, and Falmouth Library and Art Gallery.

The book is illustrated with a number of black and white photographs and not only focuses on well-known bards such as Edgar Kessell or Maisie Radford but also those who worked more quietly, such as Vanessa Beeman, only the second woman to hold office of Grand Bard and the Reverend Brian Coombes who almost single-handedly kept the Cornish language services running.

The front cover image of the Tregellas Tapestry was made by the late Rita Pope, a bard from the area.

Visit www.gorsedhkernow.org.uk to purchase book online for £6.50 or call Maggie Hinch on 01326 372806.